Fry Your Own Turkey

Learn to fry your own Cajun Fried Turkey just like the signature Cajun Fried Turkey from The Cajun Turkey Company. We'll provide you with all the instructions you need which are listed below. Our kit includes plenty of our world famous, secret family recipe, Geaux Juice, an injector needle, and a shaker of Mr. Billy's Bayou Blend Seasoning.

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World Famous Geaux Juice

This is our secret family recipe. Each & every turkey and turkey breast is injected with this tasty sauce. It's perfect to use on your own turkey if you want to fry one yourself or get one of ours and after you warm it up just pour a bit of this over each serving to give it just a bit more of that Zesty Louisiana flavor! This also makes an outstanding marinade for grilling Fish, Shrimp, Chicken, and Pork on the Bar-B-Que! We suggest 2 bottles of Geaux Juice when deep frying your own turkey and 1 bottle with each of your turkeys.

Price: $9.95


Geaux Juice Kit - Fry Your Own Turkey

Learn to fry your own Cajun Fried Turkey just like the signature cajun fried turkey from The Cajun Turkey Co. You'll get all the instructions you need. Kit includes 2 bottles or 1 quart of our world famous Geaux Juice, injector needle, and a shaker of Mr. Billy's Bayou Blend Seasoning.

Price: $24.95

Mr. Billy's Bayou Blend Season-All

Mr. Billy's Bayou Blend comes from the roots of The Cajun Turkey's World Famous Geaux Juice. Originally used on and injected in our turkeys, now you can enjoy this wonder family secret recipe of Cajun spices on your favorite foods!

Price: $4.95

Instructions for Frying Your Turkey

Please read all instructions carefully before attempting to fry your turkey!

Follow these simple instructions to fry your own turkey just like the Cajun Turkey Company. Enclosed is enough Geaux Juice to fry one raw, 12-15 pound turkey.

Before anything, leave your turkey in it’s packaging and place it into your frying pot. Cover the turkey with water, and then remove the turkey from the pot. Mark the water line on the inside of the pot. This is how high you will fill the pot with oil when you’re ready to fry your turkey.

Injecting Your Turkey
• Pour all Geaux Juice into a mixing bowl and microwave for one minute or until warm.
• Remove your defrosted turkey from its packaging. Clean out neck and giblets.
• Rinse and clean your turkey thoroughly.
• Place your turkey breast down in the sink.
• Filling your syringe full of Geaux Juice, you will randomly inject your turkey all over. When injecting the turkey, insert the needle deep into the meat, than as you press down the plunger, slowly pull out the needle. This will help spread the Geaux Juice evenly throughout your turkey. Whisk Geaux Juice in the bowl every few injections or it will separate.
• Turn turkey over and continue injecting until about 1/3 cup of Geaux Juice remains in the bottom of your bowl.
• Pour remaining Geaux Juice over your turkey to coat it.
• Completely dust your turkey with Mr. Billy’s Bayou Blend, top and bottom.
• Place the turkey in refrigerator, uncovered, and allow it to marinade overnight.

Frying Your Turkey
• Do NOT fry your turkey indoors! Find a well-ventilated area to set up your cook station. If possible, cover area with a non-flammable tarp before frying.
• Pour peanut oil to the mark made previously on your frying pot.
• Pre-heat the oil to 350 degrees.
• Remove turkey from the refrigerator and place in metal basket or turkey holder.
• When the peanut oil reaches 350 degrees, VERY CAREFULLY lower turkey in the oil. We recommend that you wear heavy, non-flammable gloves – because when the cold turkey the hot oil, the oil will erupt. DO NOT drop turkey into pot or only more oil will splash!
• Cook turkey for approximately 3 minutes per pound. Every few minutes turn the basket to ensure the turkey is loose in the pot.
• A 15 lb raw turkey should be ready in 45 minutes. The Cajun way of knowing it’s done is when it floats like a cork!
• When it’s finished cooking, carefully remove turkey from the pot.
• Enjoy!

The Cajun Turkey Company will not be responsible for anyone frying their own turkey by these instructions. It is VERY dangerous to fry a turkey. If you do not know what you are doing, the oil can severely burn you or start a fire.