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Tur-Duc-Hen Stuffed with Shrimp and Crawfish Dressing -

The ultimate Cajun feast! Comes ready to cook, easy to prepare, turns every cook into a gourmet chef! Now you have an opportunity to enjoy what people from around the world have been asking for, the Tur-Duc-Hen.

Price: $99.95

PLEASE NOTE: This product contains raw meat and must be shipped OVERNIGHT for your safety!


Spicy Cajun Fried Whole Turkey

The Cajun Turkey Company brings you that "zesty" Louisiana tradition of unique and delicious Cajun flavors...Billy calls it Gourmet Cajun. We hand-select only the finest of the premium turkeys. Next we inject each Cajun Fried Turkey with over a quart of 'Geaux Juice' (our secret family recipe), then we hand rub 'em with our own blend of Cajun seasonings. After marinating overnight, we deep fry each turkey in peanut oil. This Cajun cookin' process seals in the juicy spices and it 'gar-an-tees' that your turkey will be the most moist and tender turkey you ever put in your mouth. Each Cajun Fried Turkey is wrapped in oven-foil, vacuum sealed then flash frozen and is USDA inspected for wholesomeness.
Product weight: 10-12 lbs.
Feeds: 12-15

Price: $59.95


1/2 Honey Glazed Ham with Bourbon Pecan Praline Sauce

1/2 Honey Glazed Hams make holiday entertaining easy! Each premium 8-9 pound ham is slow smoked over hickory chips for 24 hours, then glazed with a unique blend of honey, brown sugar and traditional spices, and fire torched to perfection, then spiral cut for easy serving. To preserve freshness, our hams are flash frozen.
This ham comes with our Bourbon Pecan Praline sauce which consists of pecan pieces, pralines, and bourbon all mixed together and slowly cooked until it's reduced to a sweet glaze. When you receive your ham simply warm it in the oven while you warm the pecan glaze on the stove top. Pour the warm glaze over your spiral cut ham when you want to serve it.
Product weight: 8-9 lbs.
Feeds: 10-12

Price: $74.95


Geaux Juice Kit - Fry Your Own Turkey

Learn to fry your own Cajun Fried Turkey just like the signature cajun fried turkey from The Cajun Turkey Co. You'll get all the instructions you need. Kit includes 2 bottles or 1 quart of our world famous Geaux Juice, injector needle, and a shaker of Mr. Billy's Bayou Blend Seasoning.

Price: $24.95


World Famous Geaux Juice

This is our secret family recipe. Each & every turkey and turkey breast is injected with this tasty sauce. It's perfect to use on your own turkey if you want to fry one yourself or get one of ours and after you warm it up just pour a bit of this over each serving to give it just a bit more of that Zesty Louisiana flavor! This also makes an outstanding marinade for grilling Fish, Shrimp, Chicken, and Pork on the Bar-B-Que! We suggest 2 bottles of Geaux Juice when deep frying your own turkey and 1 bottle with each of your turkeys.

Price: $9.95

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