The Cajun Fried Turkey Company got its beginnings in 1994. That was the year that Billy Howell figured out that he couldn’t go about the business of cookin’ and selling his special Cajun Style Turkeys out of his garage. His wife made it real clear… cookin’ turkeys in the family kitchen was bad enough, but cookin’ turkeys in the places where their cars are supposed to be parked was just real crazy.

Well, ever since Billy was a boy, growing up in New Orleans, he just always seemed to wanta’ cook up things Cajun Style. Having experienced the best Cajun restaurants in and around New Orleans and by tasting some of the finest foods in the world, he created some mighty fine recipes, but nothin’ seemed to be more exciting than cookin’ up a traditional Cajun deep fried turkey. Seein’ the expression on his friends faces when he’d tell them that the whole turkey had been fried…well they couldn’t believe it…and then they couldn’t believe how moist and juicy it was…just enough spice to give it that zesty Cajun taste.

On one of those occasions, a boyhood friend, Paul Knowlton suggested that Billy’s special Cajun fried turkeys were too good to just share with his family and friends…so a small advertisement was placed in the Dallas Morning News. Well, lets just say the response was unbelievable. Billy cooked over 600 turkeys between mid-November and New Years Day…and you guessed it…in his garage. People were picking up turkeys at the house, at the office, (both guys kept working full-time in their professions)…turkeys were even delivered to customers all over Dallas and Ft. Worth. Billy and Paul figured they were on to somethin’…so in the fall of 1995, they became partners and the Cajun Turkey Company opened a retail store near a busy crossroads in North Dallas.

Cookin’ Cajun Style Turkeys has been a tradition around South Louisiana for about fifty years. There have been a lotta’ Cajun folks who deep fry turkeys and more recently there are a few commercial producers that offer Cajun Deep Fried Turkeys…but the one critical distinction is Billy’s secret GEAUX JUICE…(that’s Cajun for Go-juice). GEAUX JUICE, is a secret blend of Cajun spices added to an orange juice base. With a quart injected into each selected premium turkey, you can begin to appreciate just how moist, flavorful and unique a turkey can be. Fact is, GEAUX JUICE has become world famous…in Australia, Japan, Mexico and all over the United States…people love it!

Over the past eighteen years, The Cajun Turkey Company has delivered over eight -hundred and fifty-thousand pounds of their Signature Cajun Fried Turkey, to customers all over the U.S. Customer satisfaction is the reason that folks are proud to share their newfound gourmet treat with family and friends and in response to customer demands, The Cajun Turkey Company, is delighted to offer their own brand of Cajun Sauces…Cayenne Hot Sauce…Habanero Hot Pepper Sauce…and Creole Mustard. Also this year we have a new Cajun treat…Tur-Duc-Hens…that’s a baked whole de-boned turkey, whole de-boned duck and a whole de-boned chicken stuffed inside one another…with a Cajun Seafood stuffin’ added to make it slice up just right.