Jalapeno Smoked Whole Turkey

Here's a little something different from West Texas. A Jalapeno Favored Smoked Turkey. It's 10-12 pound Turkey injected with a special blend of jalapeno flavors and a few extra Texas seasonings. Then it's Hickory smoked the ole fashion way. We use a "wet" smoke so this will be the most moist "smoked" turkey you have ever tasted. The meat will melt in your mouth. Don't let the jalapeno name scare you away, it not HOT just very flavorful. Tasting is believing. Fully cooked. It can be eaten cold but it's much better after it's warmed in the oven. Feed 12-15 people, or 8-10 Cowboys!!
Product weight: 10-12 lbs.
Feeds: 12-15

Price: $54.95